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I don't have a firewall, is this an issue?

On some level if you have a router, you will have a firewall. In our audit we will determine what is ideally needed in order to secure your network.

I don't have access to the firewall, is there a way around this?

Access through the firewall is imperative in-order to allow the SIP protocol access from the hosted server to your phones.

How are signs of fraud detected?

A dedicated team of professionals who are alerted to suspicious activity and have the ability to terminate that extension to prevent it being used for malicious reasons.

Are there ways to stop attackers using our system to dial out?

You can restrict the ability of an attacker to dial an expensive number by setting up dial plans and call barring. This can be configured before or can be done by logging into the web portal of the phone and setting it up in there.

How do I keep my password strong and hard to crack?

Using strong passwords that are long are proven to be more effective and harder to brute force attack. Using a long password is more secure and harder to crack.

How do I keep my voicemail secure?

It will almost always be a 4 digit number, a PIN of 1234 is not secure. Change it to a completly random combination to help prevent attacks.

How do I stop people using the phones when no one is in the office?

Office hours, if the PBX has the ability to disable or restrict outbound calls to expensive numbers outside of office hours. This may be worth considering to stop the phones from being able to be used while the office is unmanned.