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Our team has been looking after the operational support and cost management of clients' infrastructure for many years. In some instances this was a daily function where we act as the organisations telecom team, dealing with day-to-day issues including moves and changes, reconfiguration and primary fault investigations. In other instances, we respond to ad-hoc, events or requests for assistance. Either way, we have accumulated many years of experience in the operational and financial management of telecoms services.


Managed Extension Services

SIP Communicator has been developed to be a simple but effective replacement of the company telephone system and has been priced accordingly. However, the features of this service means it can be a highly effective, unified communications platform integrating with messaging, mobile and portability. This often leads to a more complex configuration environment that requires additional skills to support.

For an additional fee, we can take on the responsibility for day-to-day management of the service via the helpdesk, responding to any query or reconfiguration requirement. This provides you with certainty that there will be no additional ‘chargeable’ elements to the day-to-day operation.

Managed Infrastructure Services

Our experience shows that the complexity of carrier bills for both fixed and mobile communications, can result in unclear charging. Datel cost audits help by identifying services and infrastructure that are either idle or are not connected that is still being charged for.

Our Managed Infrastructure Services take away the pain of trying to decipher these bills, putting the responsibility for justifying the invoice in our hands. We not only clarify the contents of invoices but also validate them against assets that are being utilised.

Where we are not providing a service we can manage and monitor charging and contractual terms to ensure that you are getting value-for-money.

TEM (Telephone Expense Management)

TEM is the operational and strategic management of the telecom costs and associated services. In today’s competitive world there is a raft of different tariffs for fixed and variable costs. Because of the traditionally high cost of usage and the focus on the reduction of these to remain competitive, suppliers often increase the recurring costs of the delivery assets. This means you need to now focus on these charges to keep costs down.

Our TEM Service takes the rates that you have negotiated for recurring and variable charges and compares these to the invoices that are being presented by your suppliers. Discrepancies are addressed with the provider and any credits organised.

Rates are also benchmarked against the market to ensure that you are getting value-for-money and once minimum contractual terms have been passed, we can renegotiate rates and tariffs on your behalf.

In conjunction with the your team, we can provide assistance with any project that could affect the utilisation of telecoms assets and help to avoid unnecessary charges. An example of this could be to audit the capacity of your services to ensure correct sizing prior to a business expansion.

For further information contact Datel Telecom on +44 (0) 203 696 9661.