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Using the latest and greatest in technology should never be the first consideration when planning a new communications system or even upgrade. It's all about the quality of the system and how well it works for your business. Our principle concern is always to ensure that you receive value-for-money and top class customer care whether you use the latest technologies, legacy technologies or a mixture of both.

We can take over the management and billing of all of your legacy telecoms services including analogue lines, ISDN2 and ISDN30 services. In addition to very competitive rental tariffs, we can offer exceptional call tariffs that even some of the largest carriers are not offering.


Analogue Lines or POTs

Whether it’s the line for your broadband or your fax, there is still a need for analogue services. We can manage this service for you, reducing the rental costs charged by your incumbent operator and providing excellent call tariffs at the same time. Lines can be rented with varying service levels dependent upon its importance for the business.

Lines providing broadband services can be taken over without any impact on the broadband account itself.


ISDN2, traditionally used to connect Video Conference Systems to the outside world has also been used for low speed data services such as intruder/fire alarms and remote access for CCTV systems. Much of this infrastructure is now being replaced with new network services such as broadband but some organisations still retain these lines for back-up.

Smaller companies often connected ISDN2 lines to their telephone systems to provide facilities such as DDI otherwise only available via more expensive ISDN30 trunks. These are also being replaced by SIP trunks.

Providing two communications channels per line, ISDN2 lines are expensive if they are not being properly utilised. We can soften this impact with reduced line rentals or strategies to replace such services. As with all Datel lines, great call tariffs are available as part of the service.


ISDN30 lines provide larger organisations with access to the PSTN. SIP Trunking is now becoming very popular as a full or partial replacement reducing the need for such inflexible and expensive services.

In a hybrid environment, organisations want to gauge the capabilities of their SIP trunking deployment but have retained ISDN30 services as a back-up. We can mitigate some of the costs of keeping these lines through lower channel rentals and where used, exceptionally low call tariffs. In an environment where we are providing the SIP trunks this provides a single point for customer care and invoicing as well as providing the significant financial benefits.


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