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Implementation and Support


SIP Communicator™ is designed to be self-installable by the customer, requiring minimum support. With most of the equipment being managed off-site, in most circumstances we will detect any issues before you are aware of them. However, experience shows that clients often want their suppliers to deal with all of their configuration and change issues, so the Datel Telecom support team can provide as much or as little support required.

Whilst there is an option for clients to self-install, we usually recommend engaging us to deploy the end devices and to carry out a comprehensive service testing process to ensure that the system functions exactly how you wanted it to. At this point we can also tweak the original configuration to overcome or improve any specific issues or functionality.

Once the system is in and working, we can act as your telecoms department, carrying out any configurations changes, managing your bill and monitoring usage providing you with regular reporting and analysis to show how the service is being used and how much it is costing. We can provide recommendations and advice on how to get the best value-for-money.

VoIP (IP telephony) has created a new world where IT and traditional telephone services are merging. This often manifests itself in poor support. We are experienced in both the IT and telecoms worlds and take full responsibility for all services (especially where IT and telecoms crosses over), until an issue is resolved. As a Client of Datel Telecom, you will deal with one company for infrastructure, telephones and calls giving you the confidence that any problems you face will be dealt with swiftly and without the usual inter-supplier finger-pointing! 

Contact us for further information on +44 (0) 203 696 9661 for sales and +44 (0) 203 696 9679 for support.