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Service Description


Voice Services have changed dramatically over the last few years. Designed at reducing costs and improving the methods and capabilities, at the same time extending to smaller and medium size companies those facilities previously only available to large corporations.

SIP Communicator™ exemplifies these advances by providing Unified Communications to all sizes of business without the need for significant capital outlay. SIP Communicator™ is a hosted voice solution meaning that we look after all of the central equipment leaving you to concentrate on your core business.

With flexible rental plans on a minimum 3 month contract, you can change system capacities and capabilities without the penalties associated with legacy services. This makes moving offices or implementing new sites, and including home workers, becomes a simple and affordable project.

SIP Communicator™ provides all of the facilities of a standard, modern, communications platform including voice mail, auto-attendant, hunt groups, mobile integration and call forwarding all in the standard rental price starting at £10 per month per extension. Combine this with high quality circuits, exceptional support and the consequential low cost calls to the public network and you will see the benefits that are available from SIP Communicator™.

Price is no longer a barrier to high quality, integrated communications formerly only available to large corporations with large budgets.

For a discussion on how SIP Communicator™ can help move your business forward, contact Datel Telecom on +44 (0) 203 696 9661.


SIP Communicator™ Hosted IP Telephone System

SIP Communicator™ versus conventional telephone system