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Datel Telecom

There aren’t many businesses that have not had their fair share of issues and disappointments with the products and support from their telecommunication companies. Thanks to the introduction of new telecom technologies, massive business advantage can be achieved. However, it’s not always easy to work out how the products and services can be applied in an organisation for full and prolonged benefit. By combining our skills, knowledge and experience gained over more than 20 years of working with companies large and small, we believe that we can help you get a lot more from your telecom investment and make it work, and continue to work for your business!

Welcome to Datel Telecom, your true 'Service Partner'.

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Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Helping our customers with their communication systems and services over the years, we have seen the impact of projects that have started with the best intentions but have ended up sucking in more resources to get them completed and functioning as required. There is a multitude of reasons why this may happen; from technical issues to the project simply taking more time and effort than was anticipated. Working with clients and experiencing first-hand, the impact these issues can have in a business, has resulted in us developing a 'new' way to deliver customer support.

We have developed our business on the basis of bringing back genuine 'hands-on' support and really taking ownership of any problem, sticking with it until it is fixed and you are completely satisfied. We recognise that, as a business you have a wide choice of suppliers. We also believe that our skills and experience combined with a proven product set enables us to provide you with a service that is second to none.

Maintaining Quality of Service

quality of service

When we meet organisations planning to update their communication platforms, one of the largest perceived barriers to deploying Voice over IP (VoIP) services is inadequate call quality. Using the Public Internet to carry calls is a risky business, particularly if that conversation is business critical. Our selection of Hosted Telephony or SiP trunks do not use the public internet and deliver identical call quality (and often much better), that you experience with traditional telephone lines

If you are looking for cost effective, well supported and high quality communications services you can be sure that we can deliver.

Have a look at how you can benefit from SiP Trunking.